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North Warwickshire Borough




Planning Summary:

The NWBC Local Plan contains policies up to 2033 and was adopted in October 2021

Profile Summary

North Warwickshire is a rural Borough with over 50 settlements, covering 110 square miles. The rural nature of the Borough is very important. This is created by the number of rivers, Kingsbury Water Park and the canal system, as well as the number of other natural features and the predominantly mixed agricultural and woodland uses operating throughout the Borough. The Borough has an open rural character which is unique compared to many of the surrounding urban areas.

Settlements range in size from Atherstone, and Mancetter, with a population of 10,000 to small hamlets. Atherstone with Mancetter, Coleshill and Polesworth with Dordon are the three market towns and are important to the health of the surrounding rural economy, as they provide many services and facilities to the outlying hinterland.

The Borough lies between Birmingham, Solihull, Tamworth, Coventry, Nuneaton and Hinckley, all of which are growing areas. Growth is expected to take place in the Borough in the plan period to assist with the need to provide housing for the Coventry & Warwickshire and the Greater Birmingham areas.

The Borough therefore has pressure for growth from all around. This is not only in terms of land being sought in this Borough but in terms of the environmental implications of such growth. For example, traffic passing through the Borough especially along the A5.

The economy of the Borough, since the closure of the coal mines, has seen an increase in employment land, particularly logistics, but a decrease in manufacturing. Large brownfield sites, such as Hams Hall, Birch Coppice, and Kingsbury Link, have been used for development, mainly B8 (storage and distribution uses) the former two sites also benefit from intermodal rail freight interchanges. The Borough is the location for many national and international companies including Aldi, TNT, 3M, BMW, Sainsbury and Subaru. The borough benefits from a high jobs density and high in-commutiing from neighbouring areas.

Major roads of national and regional significance pass through the Borough (M6, M6 Toll, A5, M42, and A446) and they form part of the Strategic Road Network. The A5 and A446, although part of this network, are not dual carriageway along their entire length and their capacity will be an on-going concern as major developments are taking place along its route. Such developments include the MIRA Technology Park and sustainable urban extensions in Hinckley & Bosworth and Birmingham; DIRFT in Daventry and Rugby; growth in Nuneaton & Bedworth; HS2 interchange station; UK Central; growth in Birmingham as well as growth in Coventry and Warwickshire .


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  • Housing


    The six LPA’s are making provision for over 88,000 new homes (2011-2031)

    Name No. of Houses Sch. Start Date Sch. Finish Date Status Information
    Site 20 - Land to south of Coleshill Road, Ansley Common 450 within 5 to 10 years - Allocation -
    Site H1- Land at Holly Lane Atherstone 531 Within 5 years - Outline Planning Application -
    Site H13 - Land West of Robey's Lane, adjacent Tamworth 1270 Within 5 years - Allocation -
    Site H19 - Land between Church Rd and Nuneaton Rd, Hartshill 400 Within 5 years - Planning Application on part of site -
    Site H2 - Land to north-west of Atherstone off Whittington Lane 1282 Mid 2020's - Allocation -
    Site H7 - Land to east of Polesworth & Dordon 2000 Within 5 years - Allocation -
    Site RH1 - Dairy House Farm Phase 3 and safeguarding route for dualling of A5 360 Late 2020's - Allocation as reserve housing site -
    Site RH2 - Land north of Coleshill Road, Ansley Common 388 2025 onwards - Allocation as a reserve housing site in Draft Local Plan -
  • Employment


    Provision for a total of over 714 ha of employment land is made within the six local development plans for Coventry and Warwickshire within this planning period

    Name Size (Ha) Sch. Start Date Sch. Finish Date Status Information
    Birch Coppice Phase 3 (plots 5 and 6) 3.33 2016/17 - Under construction -
    Coleshill Hall 19.55 Phase 1 complete - Planning Permission Granted -
    Dosthill 1 3.38 - - Planning Permission Granted -
    Dosthill 2 3.38 - - Planning Permission Granted -
    Hams Hall - Power Station B Site 20 - - Planning Permission Granted -
    Prologis Extension (EMP3) 5.3 - - Allocation -
    Site E1 - Holly Lane 6.6 - - Allocation -
    Site E2 - West of Birch Coppice 5.1 - - Allocation -
    Site E3 - Playing fields south of A5 3.5 - - Allocation -
    Site E4 - Mira Southern Manufacturing Site 42 - - Allocation -
    St. Modwen's SE of Junction 10 M42 25 - - Under Construction -
    SW Junction 10 M42 8.46 2016/17 2017/18 Completed -
  • Infrastructure


    A range of investment plans have been made at local and subregion level to lever billions of pounds of infrastructure into the area

    Name Type Sch. Start Date Sch. Finish Date Status Information
    A446 Birmingham Road/Stonebridge Road Highway Improvement Scheme - 2022 Committed In Principle -
    A5 Dualling between Grendon & Dordon, and Dordon junction Highway Improvement Scheme TBC 2023 Committed In Principle -
    A5 dualling Grendon to Atherstone Highway Improvement Scheme TBC TBC Committed In Principle -
    A5 Grendon/Spon Lane Highway Improvement Scheme TBC TBC Committed In Principle -
    A5 Mancetter Gyratory widening Highway Improvement Scheme TBC TBC Committed In Principle -
    B5000 Market Street/Bridge St Signals Highway Improvement Scheme TBC TBC Committed In Principle -
    B5000/A5 Link Road Highway Improvement Scheme TBC TBC Committed In Principle -
    Holly Lane widening/Right turn lane, Atherstone Highway Improvement Scheme TBC TBC Committed In Principle -