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West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA)

In November 2015 the Chancellor of the Exchequer agreed a devolution deal with members of the WMCA which formally transferred various powers and funding from central government to the region. This devolution deal included the creation of the post of an elected mayor on 4th May 2017.

The basis of future investment and proposed growth for the WMCA region is the Strategic Economic Plan (SEP). This is based on achieving an ambitious vision for the future and the WMCA members are committed to realising the vision.'

In  2019 the West Midlands agreed with HM Government the West Midlands Industrial Strategy, putting in place the next step for the West Midlands to prioritise investment and increase productivity. 

While the WMCA is not a statutory planning authority, there are ambitious targets for growing the regional economy and these in turn will require alignment with future development plans and growth proposals across the Region including across the CWLEP sub region.

A key enabler to realising the SEP is the sufficient supply of homes and employment land sites across the West Midlands (WMCA SEP). The SEP anticipates and commits the region to an increase of some 500,000 new jobs in the region to 2031.These levels of growth are unlikely to be achieved without a significant increase in the number of developable housing and employment land sites.

Transport for West Midlands

Transport for West Midlands, part of the West Midlands Combined Authority, is responsible for making transport ‘happen’. TfWM are accountable for delivering against a statutory transport plan Movement for Growth, which sets out ambitions to create a happier, healthier and better connected region through improving transport. 

Midlands Engine

The Midlands Engine partnership brings together public sector partners and businesses to complement the activity of local and combined authorities, LEPs, universities, businesses and others.

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